Tuesday, 1 May 2007

There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards

The debris has been cleared and the looting criminals have returned from whence they came. Tallinn was eerily quiet on Monday except for the honking of car horns near the main courthouse and the Tõnismägi flashpoint.

And the information battle continues apace.

The Estonian Foreign Minister was superbly idiotic with his assertion that the monument needed to be moved due to the fact that the area concerned had become increasingly busy with busses and trolley-busses. This phenomenon has of course occurred in a society where public transport use is in fact declining!

The Russian cavalry has arrived in the personages of some members of the Duma on a fact-finding mission. These guys have exposed themselves as being complete Kremlin Yes-men as they posture and pontificate. They might take a closer look at events in Moscow of a couple of weeks ago before they point any fingers.

Anyway the wind has been removed from the sails of most of the moral outrage on the Russian side as it has becomes clear that the majority of the "demonstrators" were booze-fuelled youths on a criminal rampage - funny how it was that the "demonstrations" subsided when there was nothing left to steal! Also of remarkable interest is how Russian businesses managed to avoid the brunt of the attacks - surely not a conspiracy? No! Never!

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